Quality…in an instant

Maple Island’s instantized food powders promote performance in your finished products. Our continuous agglomeration process results in:

  • Consistent particle size in every pound
  • Convenient addition of surfactants, oils, lecithin or other liquids for added value in your finished product
  • Enhanced bulk density
  • Improved solubility of difficult-to-disperse powders
  • Free flowing powders with minimal dusting

The agglomeration process forces small, moistened particles to collide and stick together. This forms a powder of larger agglomerates that make quick reconstitution in liquid possible.

Our processing features two ribbon blenders that feed directly to the agglomerator, eliminating a separate blending operation – an important boost for production efficiency. Product can be bagged or packaged into supersacks directly from the system. We also have the ability to package our products in 1 – 5 lb. bags

Many types of powder can be agglomerated for enhanced consistency and dispersibility including:

High- to Low-Fat Milk Powders  ●  Starch ●  Cocoa Products  ● Whey and Milk Protein Powders ●  Maltodextrin  ●  Nonfat Dry Milk

The superior quality and performance of our powders help you manufacture products that exceed your customers’ expectations.