About Us

“…our most valuable asset, and one which we do not intend to jeopardize, is our reputation for being good people to do business with.”

John R. Stoltze – Founder

Maple Island Inc. has a long and diverse history in the food industry. After it’s birth on a 1930’s dairy farm in Stillwater, Minnesota, Maple Island grew into a leading manufacturer and distributor of dairy products throughout the U.S. and the World. The company slogan of that time, “Maple Island Means Milk” meant just that. Outside of the “normal” dairy products of the day, Maple Island was a pioneer of many products and processes including developing and operating one of the first patented spray-dryers. A large portion of Maple Islands’ early success is directly tied to the partnerships forged with private label customers. Together, innovative products were developed and produced at Maple Island facilities. This is a large part of Maple Island’s focus today.

The challenges of change have always been met head-on at Maple Island. Over the last several decades, the focus has been the blending and processing of food powders for confidential contract packaging under our valued customers names and brands. We also continue to support our company by the processing and packaging of the Maple Island ® line of premium dairy powders including our agglomerated Instant Nonfat Dry Milk, a premium instant product surpassed in quality and consistency by none.

We thank you for visiting the Maple Island web site. The following pages will give you a glimpse of Maple Island’s focus, processes, and capabilities. You will see that today Maple Island means “Quality Food Powder Processing and Packaging.”

“ Maple Island Is the recipient of the 2003 Silliker Platinum Audit Award for excellence in progressive Food Safety"

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